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Morocco is a very open-minded and friendly country, and there are many good reasons to live there:

The climate, as much as the quality of life, are very pleasant, life cost is much cheaper than in Europe, and there is no wonder that more and more European people think of settling in this beautiful country.

However the choice of your working partners will definitely be extremely important for the fulfilment of your project.

ESPACE AMENAGEMENT is made of a professional and reliable team. We have a good knowledge and experience of the country.

This is why we permanently make sure the staff comes to work, we redefine the rules, we watch over the works going. We supervise  the quality of the work, the respect of the plans

In the end, you will not notice our fees. Your budget is even lowered, considering the money we allow you to spare : we negociate for you the lowest prices for materials and labour.

Our fees are given according to your project, and remain the same until the work is done, except for modifications you might request during the building.

Advice for buying your property :

1/ You wish to buy a land in the countryside :
it is possible, even as a foreigner, but the land has to be at least 1 hectar wide. First, you can sign a provisional sales agreement, with a suspensive clause of obtaining  the provisional VNA (Non Agricultural Vocation).  This demand will be presented by the  sollicitor you chose for buying your land site. As soon as this is accepted, you can sign the definitive sales agreement and start the works with no further difficulties. However it is highly recommended to get some help from the beginning of the procedures, so as to avoid useless lose of time and money. Once everything is completed, the Commune will deliver you the Certificate OF Compliance (permis d’habiter) to give to the sollicitor so as he demands the definitive VNA.

2/ Before buying your property, make sure it has a title deed, or that it is at least in requisition.

3/ It is highly recommended to go through a solicitor for buying your property. Only Morroccans can sollicit an Adoul for buying their property.

4/ Avoid useless intermediaries : Otherwise you are bound to pay many bakchiches for very few results.
Only abilited firms can give you reel satisfaction